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Sybil has tons of personality, she is an active dog, she enjoys car rides and is always up for a more about Sybil
Buster is playful, friendly and outgoing. He has energy and loves to play and be around people. more about Buster
Sydney is very friendly and people oriented. Sydney is around four months old. She does not like to more about Sydney
Hiccup is an easygoing friendly cat who is about 1 year old. He gets along well with dogs and other more about Hiccup
Spooky has the long lanky Siamese build but a very sweet temperament. She is six months old.
Daisy is playful and friendly. She likes going for walks. When she gets excited her whole back end more about Daisy
Nanaimo is very playful. She likes to be around people and animals alike. She has lots of energy more about Nanaimo
Diamond is a calm kitten who is about 12 weeks old.
Apache is your typical energetic and playful kitten. He is about 12 weeks old.




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