Percolating with Your Pooch: Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Coffee Shop


So you want to take your dog to the local coffee shop. You can, with some preparation. Here are some tips to get you and poochie ready for a public outing:


  1. Find dog-friendly coffee shops on
  2. Hire a dog walker to help your pup get used to other dogs and humans.
  3. Select the best leash for your pup here.
  4. Read more about proper outing prep on Barkpost.
  5. Teach your dog how to greet people politely.
  6. 20 dog commands you can teach your dog at home.
  7. 10 reasons to clean up your dog’s waste from


Now that you know what it takes to get you and poochie ready, you’re all set for an outing.

Grab the leash, stuff those plastic bags in your pocket, and go. Don’t forget to tip your barista!